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How do Eco-Web, Eco-Mail and Eco-SMS work?

Functional diagram of our Eco-Web, Eco-Mail and Eco-SMS services:


Eco-Web operation

As the energy needed for our servers to operate is fully compensated for by renewable energies, this means that your website, whose files and configuration are stored on our server, is also powered by renewable energies. The energy provided by our photovoltaic power unit enables us to easily compensate for the needs of our different servers (production and standby).

Show your commitment to ecology

Please feel free to place the Website Powered by solar energy logo on your website to show your visitors that you are aware of sustainable development and renewable energies!

Eco-Mail operation

The energy needed to use an email account is the sum of:

  • the energy consumed by your computer to create and send a message;
  • the energy consumed by the access providers email servers;
  • the energy consumed by the addressees computer when reading the message.

What does ecological email mean?

An ecological email is an email for which the energy needed to write it, sent it and read it is comprised solely of renewable energy.

How is this possible?

Horus Network Srl has its own photovoltaic power unit with a power rating of 2500 W, which covers over 100% of the electricity consumption of our production and standby servers. We invite you to visit the HoruSolar project to get a detailed insight into our installation.

Eco-SMS operation

An Eco-SMS is an SMS (short message sent to a mobile phone) for which the energy needed to write it, forward it via the network of operators, as well as the energy used by the recipients phone is fully compensated for by renewable energies!


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